Terms & Conditions


Nomad Inn – A co-working space for freelancers, startups and small business owners to meet, network, work, attend seminars and events. Which uses temporary empty spaces for a limited time.

User – The organisation using the services of Nomad Inn. Can be an individual or a group.

Guest – A person who is not a User of Nomad Inn’s services but has been invited by a User to temporarily visit or work with them.

Pricing & Memberships

Desk are subject to first come first served.

Standard Membership – 1000 Sek ex VAT/month. Minimum Three-month contract with 30 day notice. Access 07:00 – 17:00 on weekdays only.

24/7 Membership – 1500 Sek ex VAT/month. Minimum Three-month contract with 30 day notice. Full Access 24 hours – 7 days a week.

One Month Membership 1500 Sek ex VAT/month. No refund

Day-Pass: 80 Sek ex VAT



– Membership Three months minimum with 30 day notice.

– The first payment is made by Bankgiro when the User signs the user agreement or by an invoice with a due time of 10 days. A late payment entails a fee specified on the invoice.

– For continuous usage the cost is invoiced monthly and is to be paid latest the 15th of the month prior to the month concerned. A User making the payment after the 15th cannot be guaranteed to keep their place. If the User pays late and no places are available, the User will receive a refund. If no payment has been received by the 1st of the month concerned the User loses access to the space and a new agreement has to be signed. An administrative fee of 50 SEK is charged in this case.

– The prices may be subject to change, view the separate pricelist for updates. Changes are always emailed to the Users (contact person), latest the 10th of the month before the change takes effect.

Subject to VAT – Users of Nomad Inn must be registered for VAT.

Keys – In cases where Parakey is not installed, users can receive a key against deposit to the premises of Nomad Inn. Deposition is 300 SEK. Users are expected to return the key when their contract ends. When the key is returned, the deposition is also returned.

Storage – Some shelf or drawer storage is not included. Access to lockable storage may be limited therefor come to a rental costs of 50Sek/month exclusive VAT/Moms.

Meeting rooms – Users can free of charge book a meeting space for 2 h/week. Additional booked time is charged according to the price list. There is no space guarantee and the rooms are booked according to the first-come, first-served principle. There is at least one bookable projector and screen.

Mail – Users can request a mail handling service and use the post address of Nomad Inn if there is a sufficient request by members. The mail will then be delivered to Nomad Inn once a week. Price according to price list. NOTE: It is not possible to forward your mail from this address after you leave The Nomad Inn since that would result in all the mail to Nomad Inn being delivered to your new address.

Prints – A basic print-quota of 20 pages/week is included in the service but not limited to.

Coffee and tea – Is included for all Users and Guests.

Internet – Wi-Fi is included. Users are expected to “behave”, thus not up- or down-load illegal material or copy- written material or visit inappropriate websites.

Choice of seat – Users can choose to work in unbooked meeting rooms or at the lunch table if they like, except at lunch time of course.

Work environment – The Nomad Inn is meant to be a dynamic and creative work place. Though not at the cost of a calm and representable working environment. All Users are expected to respect others’ requests and help keep the place clean and tidy. General cleaning is included in the price.

Cleaning – All users are responsible for their own dishes, trash and putting things back to its original order to keep a clean and professional environment.

Responsibility for items and equipment – The insurance of the Nomad Inn does not cover Users belongings and equipment. It should also be noted that insurance companies tend to be reluctant to cover losses unless it can be proven beyond a doubt that there has been a break-in. Hence it is highly encouraged to take precautions like bringing valuables home or locking them in some way. All theft should be reported to the police. If property of the Nomad Inn breaks due to carelessness the User will have to compensate the broken item.

Termination of contract – Nomad Inn reserves the right to terminate a contract with a User that violates the principles or policies of Nomad Inn. The User will have to leave the premises immediately with no refund for the current month. If the fee for the following month has been paid already, this will be reimbursed.

Guests – Every User takes responsibility for their own Guests and makes sure they follow the Principles and Policy of Nomad Inn. If a Guest needs a desk of their own there is a possibility to purchase a day-pass according to the price list. Guests use the print quota of the hosting User.

Other usage – All usage of the space other than desk work and meetings must be approved by Nomad Inn.

Error report – All contact with property owner and janitors is done through Nomad Inn if not otherwise stated in the Premise Regulations.


Principles and Policy

Values – The basic values of Nomad Inn are openness, tolerance, encouragement of diversity and the protection of social and physical resources. Nomad Inn believe in the value of collaboration and experience- sharing to strengthen own and others’ businesses and projects.

Sustainability – Together with Users a good level of sustainability ambitions for Nomad Inn and its Users is set. All users are to follow our trash sorting system.

Common activities – Some common activities are planned, partly to benefit and develop the individual businesses but also to create a good social atmosphere, making Nomad Inn more attractive than working alone at home or at a café.

Transparency – Nomad Inn strive to be as clear as possible when it comes to intentions and motivations for decisions. Should something still be unclear questions are always welcome. All questions are appreciated.

Confidentiality – You acknowledge and agree that during your participation in and use of the Services you may exposed to Confidential Information. “Confidential Information” shall mean all information, in whole or in part, that is disclosed by Nomad Inn or any participant of used of the Services or any employee affiliate, or agent thereof, that is non-public, confidential or proprietary in nature. Confidential information also includes, without limitation, information about business, sales, operations, know-how, trade secrets, business affairs, any knowledge gained through examination or observation of or access to the facilities, computer systems and/or books and records of Nomad Inn, any analyses, compilations, studies or other documents prepared by Nomad Inn or otherwise derived in any manner from the Confidential Information that you are obliged to keep confidential or know or has reason to know should be treated as confidential.

Your participation in and/or use of the Services obligates you to

• Maintain all Confidential Information in strict confidence;
• Not to disclose Confidential Information to any third parties;
• Not to sue the Confidential Information in any way directly or indirectly determined to Nomad Inn or any participant or user of the Services.

All confidential information remains the sole and exclusive property of Nomad Inn or the respective disclosing party. You acknowledge and agree that nothing in this T&C or your participation or use of the Services will be construed as granting any rights to you, by license or otherwise, in or to any Confidential Information or any patent, copyright or other intellectual property proprietary rights of Nomad Inn or any participant or user of the Services.