Nomad Inn is a coworking space and business network with sustainability in its core. By using office spaces that temporarily stands empty and using quality office furniture that was suppose to be thrown away due to renovation. This is better for the environment as well as we contribute to the start-up scene in Gothenburg.

The aim is to create an opportunity for small businesses and freelancers to start and remain profit by offering a business network to share and exchange knowledge with each other while being able to work in a professional office setting for an inexpensive price. In the long run we hope to contribute to create more jobs in Gothenburg.

In the near future we will invite the public to workshops and talks at Nomad Inn. Make sure to follow our Facebook Page for latest info.

We’re looking to become fully sustainable and therefore receive donations of:

  • Business books
  • Coffee & Te (Beer for afterworks)
  • Office Supplies
  • Office Technology
  • Furniture
  • Workshops

We accept partnerships of different kind. Please email.

Besides our current space we sometimes know other empty spaces available for short term rent. Feel free to contact us.